Apply to become a CEC Organizer and help lead the transition towards a #CircularEconomy in your city, university, co-working space or incubator.

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the international non-profit network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organisations from over 60 countries. CEC is driven by more than 40 Organizers around the globe.

140 Organizers                 52 Countries                165 Activities annually

As a CEC Organizer, you will be the visible face of CEC in your city, bringing CEC to your local community of circular economy skilled enthusiasts. You will be connecting with local industry and facilitating networking to create real-world impact.

What it involves to be a CEC Organisers...  

  • Organising activities under the CEC brand, such as conducting a SWOT analysis of the circular economy in your city/organisation with other professionals, and designing activities to help you and others facilitate the implementation of circularity in your city. Activities could also include: hands-on workshops, start-up pitches to mentors or investors, panel discussions, tours around companies embedding the circular economy, awareness campaigns, social networking events (e.g. breakfast briefings, after-work drinks, dinners), etc.
  • Activities must embody the spirit of CEC: the power in connecting stakeholders and forming true collaborative partnerships.
  • Activities can be focused on specific industries (e.g. fashion, food, cities etc...) or on the overall concepts of circular economy.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Lead the implementation of the circular economy in your city or organization and be a key asset for action to happen
  • Expand your professional network
  • Exposure to circular professionals locally and globally
  • Learn about circular projects and best practices happening locally and worldwide
  • Be the one who unleashes new ideas, inspires and connects the leading circular professionals, mentors, investors and organisations to make the transition to circular a reality


A true collaborative approach with clear added value


Excitement was paramount during the Circular Economy Mapping Week, as CEC offered a real opportunity to not only have the regional experts talk to each other but it also gave them an opportunity to showcase what is being done in our dynamic region while gaining expertise from other cities around the globe. A true collaborative approach where the CEC brings a clear added value.

Alexandre Lemille

Being a CEC Organizer put me on the spotlight nationwide


Due to the events I have been organizing within my role as a CEC City Organizer, CEC Santiago is going to be on the national Roadmap for the circular economy, that the Ministry of Environment in Chile is developing. I recommend anyone who is willing to bring to life the circular economy in their cities and countries, to join the CEC Organizers program to bring about real change.

Bernardita Mancilla

CEC enables the creation of new bridges and partnerships

I’m thrilled to be a CEC Copenhagen Organizer and work with a team of local volunteers to bring together individuals working at municipalities, NGOs, schools, companies, start-ups, research institutes, etc. The CEC enables the creation of new bridges and partnerships between organizations of any level (local, national and international). Local actors have already started using the database to explore potential collaborations to work together for a circular future. The circular transition needs everyone on board I am honoured to make it happen.

It is encouraging to see the real value we are adding by being CEC Organizers


After presenting the CEC mapping exercise and open-source database at the Royal Academy of Engineering international Circular Economy Symposium, the feedback was brilliant, people loved the information and want to engage and share this resource. It is encouraging to see the real value we are adding when we come together in a joint global effort.


License and Funding

CEC will allocate a one-year city-based or organization-based CEC License to an Organizer, which can be renewed on an annual basis. You must live in the city for which you are applying for the license. CEC events are named after: cities (ex.: CEC Amsterdam), companies (ex.: CEC Vodafone), universities (ex.: CEC Stanford University) or co-working spaces (ex.: CEC Impact New Delhi). If you would like to host CEC in more than one city or more than one organization, you would need to apply with a co-organizer from the second city/organization.

CEC is a voluntary endeavour; hence it should not be used as a way to make money.  You may, of course, find sponsors to fund your events. Local CEC activities must be planned and coordinated independently by the CEC Licensee recipient and follow the brand guidelines and best practices included in the Organizers Toolkit.


For enquiries please contact:

  • Patricia Noble, City Organizers Coordinator,
  • Sara Arjmandnia, Universities Organizers Coordinator,
  • Marvin Henry, Co-working/Incubator Organizers Coordinator,

Apply to become a CEC Organizer

Lead your peers in making a difference today. Help them develop and champion projects that embed circularity. Please provide CEC with the following details to process your application:

  1. Open your CEC Member account here. If you are already a member, please keep reading.
  2. Please fill in the form below.

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Affiliate Your Association/Organization

Connect your club to our global community to gain the resources and experiences for a positive change.

Affiliate chapters add to the diversity, reach, and inspiration of our network and benefit from the same offerings we provide to traditional CEC chapters. Any group, club, or organization whose activities align with our mission can apply to affiliate with CEC. Affiliate chapters retain their original name and branding and follow all chapter requirements.

AFFILIATE NOW - email your interest to



Do you know someone with a path-breaking interest in circular economy and you like to recommend the Organizers program to them? Share this opportunity with them and help to make an impact.

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