Being a CEC Organizer is an exciting endeavour. The CEC Organizers Toolkit is designed to provide you with the tools to be successful. This information should make running CEC easier, more fun and ensure success. If there is something you think we should add, please just let us know - we are always open to suggestions.

A) Brand guidelines & all materials 

Which logo should I use? Can I set up a Facebook group? Are there templates for slides and banners? Do not threat,  the CEC core team will walk you through all the template materials.

B) Format of CEC activities

We encourage you to bring your local network together at least twice a year, but you are free to organize as many events as you wish during your time holding the CEC local license. Which kind of sessions should you run? What format should they take? Here are some examples:


C) Your team

If you’re going to organize great CEC activities, you’ll want to recruit a small but great team. How do you get started?

D) Venue + sponsors

Selecting the right venue and creating a budget for your events can be challenging but CEC has prepared the below information to help you with this.

E) Advertising

You can anticipate having a full session hosting activities under the CEC brand, however, CEC still encourages you to advertise and promote your session to drive up attendance.

Before each event

  1. Your event registration page in Eventbrite or elsewhere
  2. Who to invite & invitation template
  3. Social media & press release

After each event

  1. Thank you email to attendees and collaborators
  2. Upload the best 10 photos from your session to your event listing at CEC so that the photos appear in your CEC local group, as well as in the CEC Facebook group and CEC Linkedin group, include the: title, date and the city where the event took place;
  3. Ask a participant to leave you a “Review” on your event listing.




Completed my year as a CEC Organizer, what next?

The CEC License has a validity of 1 year from the application date. We hope you have enjoyed your experience with CEC, and that your passion for circular economy has grown and reached your local community and consequently, you wish to renew your CEC licence. To do this we need two things from you: 

  • You will need to re-apply to the program via email and summarise in 3-4 bullet-points the CEC local events you organized throughout the year and their impact (max 200 words); and
  • You will need to get 1 person from your CEC local network to send a testimonial to the CEC Organizers Coordinator supporting your re-application to the program. The testimonial should be maximum 100 words and should include their opinion on 1) how your activities went and 2) what is impact you are creating in your local community. Once received, CEC will add this testimonial to your public CEC profile page.

Address those emails to Sara Arjmandnia.

Thank you for your interest in CEC. We believe that if we act collaboratively and globally, we can have a real impact and that’s why we are working together on this exciting journey.

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