Become a CEC Local Organiser

Apply to become the CEC local organizer if you would like to lead the transition towards a #CircularEconomy in your city.

CEC is the international non-profit event platform & network of circular economy professionals. CEC is run by volunteers to give visibility to the best circular projects, institutions and individuals.

CEC Event Organizers are local volunteers & change makers who build a community of circular economy professionals in their cities. As the local organizer and main point of contact for the Circular Economy Club (CEC) in your city, you will be the visible face that brings the CEC events to life through event planning, marketing and social outreach, connecting with local industry and facilitating networking.


CEC allocates one location-based license per application for one year. You must live in the city for which you are applying for the license. You will liaise with CEC to renew your license every year.

Events format:

In that year, you can organise any type of CEC Events which include: social networking events, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and forums where circular startups pitch their projects to mentors.

Areas or sectors:

You will focus your event in circular economy in general or in one specific sector, examples: circular fashion, circular food, circular cities. If you’d like to focus your event in another sector, please specify it in your application.


Your event must maintain the spirit of CEC itself: focused on the power of connecting stakeholders, in true collaboration and partnerships.


CEC is a volunteer endeavour. You may not use your Event to make money for yourself. You may find sponsors to fund your event and use your event to help build connections.

By organizing CEC events, you will have the opportunity to create unique events that will unleash new ideas, inspire and connect the best circular leading individuals, mentors, investors and companies.

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