You may be the lead organizer for your local events, but you cannot do everything alone and it is advised to have a  small dynamic team to help you and it is more fun to work in a team.

 1. Recruit a few volunteer helpers

  • Find people who are organized, passionate about the circular economy and fun to work with.
  • Tap into the CEC community: consider contacting local CEC members via the CEC Facebook Group and CEC LinkedIn Group. They are already part of the CEC community, so are passionate about CEC’s mission too.
  • Set up a Volunteer post at CEC under the Jobs section by clicking "Add a Job Offer". In order to write the volunteer position, you can follow this template. Once you have set it up:
    • Share with your friends or colleagues who may be able to introduce you to potential volunteers through their networks.
    • Tap into your local university for students with an interest in the circular economy.

 2. Designate roles

  • The Lead Organizer (that’s you!) is also the primary licensee. You are the ultimate steward of the CEC events, responsible for: presenting on the day (unless you want to designate someone to do this) and  ensuring all aspects of the CEC brand are carried out as per the CEC License and the Organizer Toolkit.
  • Logistics Coordinator: this person can help you find venues and sponsors, and help set up the catering for welcome and networking drink.
  • Members Coordinator: this person can help you manage registrations, keeping track of your Eventbrite sign ups and welcoming people on the day. This role can also help to design the members’ engagement activities and recruit new members.
  • Photographer: This person will take high quality photos during your events and send them to following the event, so that you can upload the best 10 photos of your event to the CEC Facebook group and CEC LinkedIn group. Before covering an event, photographers must accept to release the photos under the Creative Commons “Attribution – Noncommercial – Non-Derivs” license and authorize CEC YOUR CITY and CEC to replicate and distribute their photos on the CEC website, social media and on any other CEC materials.

 3. Introduce CEC brand & brief team on CEC events

Host a meeting with your team to introduce them to the CEC brand, what it means to organize  CEC events and discuss how you see them contributing and what are their inspirations for joining. Encourage your team to better understand the collaborative spirit of CEC and why it is important to gather locally and collaborate globally in advancing the implementation of the circular economy. Get them as excited as you are about your events!



Click on the image to access the materials page and download the CEC Introduction slides to brief your team about CEC.


Ask your team to read the Organizers Toolkit and share with them your objectives about the club in your city or organization and which role they can play in that endeavour.

 4. Keep things fun

Having fun with your team can make the overall organization of the event much easier. Try to do team building activities: have potlucks with your meetings or go on a fun outing as a team after your rehearsal.

Top Tips

  • Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities for the day and plan a rehearsal or run-through the week before.
  • Be a learner and be flexible. You may be the leader of this event, but a great leader is also a passionate learner who acknowledges that they are not always right.
  • Give your team space to figure out what excites them and you will  build a strong team where future leaders can emerge.
  • Find ways to show gratitude to your team. A simple “thank you” onstage can go a long way.

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