Once your application to run CEC events in your city is approved, we will set up your CEC local group and you will be able to manage your local community as well as publish your event listings.

1. Add your CEC local event at CEC

 Click on "Add an Event" on the menu, and add all details. Then send to sara@circulareconomyclub.com so that she can share internally and the CEC communications team will support spreading the word about your local event in the CEC global channels.

2. Set up a registration page

We recommend using Eventbrite.com because it is free globally and quite easy to use. Remember to set up the limit of attendees on your registration software dashboard. Usually the ratio of attendees for free events is 50% of the total that registered. For example, if 50 people register to your event, you can expect around 25 to actually show up on the day.

Use the following description template:


‘CEC (YOUR CITY) is organizing EVENT NAME. The event  will expand your knowledge on (EVENT THEME) around the circular economy in (YOUR CITY). It is also  an opportunity to network with other circular economy professionals.

During the session, you will (DESCRIBE THE SESSION CLEARLY AND BRIEFLY).

At the end of the collaborative session you will (OBJECTIVES OF THE SESSION).

What will we do?

(Describe session clearly in 1-2 sentences)

(Objective 1 of the session)

(Objective 2 of the session)

Socialize with other circular economy professionals and learn about what others are doing.

Who is the event for?

Architects, Designers, Engineers and Makers

Companies and Start-ups in the energy sector, agriculture, construction, textiles/fashion, electronics, renewable energies, etc.

Consultants, Business leaders and Strategists

Education professionals and Researchers

NGOs and professional associations

Supporters of the circular economy

Registration details: Register via Eventbrite (ADD YOUR EVENTBRITE LINK)

FREE event

Dress code: casual

Terms: By signing up to the event you are agreeing to the following terms, a) CEC (YOUR CITY) reserves the right to take photos during the event and upload them on CEC website and social media channels to be used as promotion for this and further CEC events; and b) CEC reserves the right to include your email address in the CEC mailing list to inform you about the results of the mapping week and connect you to other CEC members on request.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



About the venue/sponsor: write 80 words about your venue and/or sponsors

About the Circular Economy Club (CEC): CEC (YOUR CITY) brings CEC to our city. CEC is the international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organizations in over 60 countries. CEC is a global and open platform - anyone can join for free online.

Example of an event Image for Eventbrite:

3. How to add your event elsewhere

You can upload the event information anywhere you think is appropriate and each of these postings should always link to your page on CEC’s website.

Share your CEC page in forums and across social media groups, as you see fit, to promote your event.

If you would like to set up your own Meetup.com group for the CEC session, please email patricia@CircularEconomyClub.com to ask about CEC local branding for Meetup. One example of an established CEC local Meetup group is CEC London.


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