Your activities must be practical and embody the vision/mission of CEC: in the power of connecting stakeholders to create real impact, facilitating true collaborative partnerships.


In the year of your licence, you can organise any type of activity. We have organized many events and the following are activities which we found to have the most impact:


Activity #1 – LAUNCH your local CEC:

Start with launching CEC in your city or organization by throwing a networking event, and where you explain in detail the circular economy, CEC, and what you are planning for the year – a great way to also recruit volunteer team members.


Activity #2 - SWOT: 

After 1-2 months of your launch, organize a workshop to collaboratively analyze the opportunities, challenges and potential solutions of embedding the circular economy in your city or organization. Collaboratively prioritise and start act on the top opportunities and threats.

With the prioritization in hand, select a specific local challenge that has been prioritized and you would like to focus on and design a "solution competition" (e.g. call for solutions to tackle the plastic water bottles in universities). Make the competition open for all and communicate it as broadly as possible.



After 3 months, select five winners and organize a panel session, where they can present their ideas to a panel of CEC mentors/circular experts to gain input on how to improve and implement these ideas.  The public will find this beneficial and a true learning experience. The winner of your solution competition will enter the CEC Mentors program to receive one free mentorship session per month for one year - to support the implementation of this idea.



After 2 months from the competition, organize a networking session to present the outcomes of launching #1, present priority #2, celebrate the results of the competition #3 and decide a new topic for your next "solution competition" or another activity that will go next. Keep giving exposure to ideas resulting from competitions and tracking their progress to better understand your impact.


Other suggestions for activities:

  1. Workshop to identify circular economy stakeholders and initiatives in your city
  2. Forum discussion with circular economy experts on a specific topic
  3. Networking events (such as breakfast briefings, speed-dating, after-work drinks, dinners)
  4. Screening documentaries with a circular economy theme
  5. Launch/DemoDay of a circular economy book/report/research, product or start-up
  6. Mentor panels for start-ups to pitch their circular projects
  7. Run events alongside global initiatives, such as Feed the 5000


Do you have another suggestion for activities? Please write to your CEC Organizers Coordinator and send an email including:

  • Title of the activity
  • Description (maximum 300 words)
  • What went well
  • What to be careful with
  • Photos of such activity

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