In this page you will find recommendations on how to manage your local community and ensure you are following best practices in data protection.

CEC local groups on the website

You are welcome to encourage your local network to join your CEC local chapter for free via the CEC website. In addition, encourage them to join the conversation on the CEC Facebook and the CEC LinkedIn groups and on your CEC local Meetup group if you have one.


You will be able to contact your CEC local chapter (e.g.: to let them know you are launching your next local event) by posting a comment in your group through the CEC website. Please post content that is related to your CEC local activities and to the circular economy in general.

Newsletter - CEC global 

Any member is asked to sign up the CEC global newsletter when they sign up as a CEC member. Those on the global mailing list will receive:

  1. A welcome email that explains CEC, links to tools and resources and events.  
  2. An email that invites them to join their CEC local chapter.
  3. The CEC monthly Newsletter with updates and news on the club and industry news on circular economy.
  4. Adhoc mailings with the latest circular economy news.

Newsletter - CEC local

If you would like to send a personalized newsletter to your own CEC local community, you can do so by creating your own CEC local newsletter. As per the CEC license, CEC is not responsible for how data is managed at a local level. However, we strongly advice to use a professional platform to send newsletters and store your local contact list in a safe platform (e.g.: Mailchimp newsletter platform).


Your local newsletter should have only the purpose of contacting your list about your CEC local news or circular economy updates. Your newsletter should: a) be sent only to those contacts that signed up to it, b) have an "Unsubscribe" option, c) include your contact details such as address and postal address. You will not share or sell the contact lists in any case.


When you are no longer a CEC Organizer, you should either pass on the contact list to the next CEC Organizer or the CEC coordination team, or delete the contact list.


In the CEC Newsroom you have a list of past CEC newsletters that can serve as templates for your CEC local news.

Event registration lists (e.g.: Eventbrite lists)

When you host an event, most likely you will have access to the emails of the event participants. All guidelines described above apply to event registration lists such as Eventbrite.


Please add a disclaimer to any of your events that states "The CEC YOUR-CITY Organizer reserves the right to use the images of the event for promotion purposes. The organizers also reserve the right to use your contact data for future contacts regarding CEC activities in our city. Your data will not be shared with any third party. If you do not want to be kept up to date with CEC YOUR-CITY activities, please send us an email to YOUR-EMAIL and we will unsubscribe you from the list."

We recommend keeping the email list either in the Eventbrite platform or adding it to your Mailchimp/newsletter contact list where it will be kept safe.


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