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    I strive to help build organizational cultures to incorporate sustainability into strategy and to successfully make the intersection of business and social responsibility by analysing the barriers and opportunities for transitioning from linear to circular business models mainly in Urban Sustainability (circular area development); Environmental Innovation and Green Tech (energy transition, kinetic energy); Corporate Social Responsibility.

    I have an extensive cross functional participation in Sales, Marketing, and ICT environments with a consistent track record of working with third parties like Partners, Clients, and Suppliers. Effective at leading and implementing branding and procedural project management, and successful in developing contract and value propositions for public and private tendering.

    I embrace constraints with a positive outlook, helped and being surrounded by people I find I can continuously grow with and learn about the biggest issues and the smallest of details: there’s always a different point of view, a new angle, a new portal of knowledge I can access.

    I am a discerning consumer, I vote with my wallet, and I search companies that are acting on the issues I care about.


    . Innovation and Transformation Catalyst
    . Business Optimization Planning & Implementation
    . Cross Functional Steering & Affiliation
    . Project Leadership & Communications
    . Ethics and Governance

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