Remember, from the terms of your CEC license, that you will be responsible for all resources, from selecting the venue to providing snacks and drinks on the day and anything else necessary for your CEC events. This is nothing to feel overwhelmed about, you would be surprised that a professional event like this can cost $0 if done smartly, following these steps:

 1. Select a Venue

  • Look for in-kind collaborations offering free use of their space. Speak to cinemas, co-working spaces, incubators, event spaces, PR agencies, local businesses and universities. There is bound to be someone in your city excited to host a CEC event.
  • Keep venue simple, no decorations necessary. Remember the venue will set the tone of your event. You do not need anything fancy, just a clean place that looks professional.
  • Check with your venue whether they are insured to host events of your size (most venues, working spaces, event venues will be insured).
  • Look for a venue that has:
    • A nice networking room to host the welcome drinks/networking; and
    • A room for the screening, with: screen/TV with USB entry or a plug to connect your computer and project the slides and the video

Below is an example of an adequate room for a screening:



2. Design the experience

  • Prioritize “foot traffic”: you want your guests to be able to easily navigate around the venue without bumping into each other.
  • Ensure that everyone gets to know each other during the networking time before and after the screening.
  • Optional: create an innovation lab within the networking area, an area for attendees to try out new circular products. This is also a great way to integrate your sponsors/partners.

3. Green your event

Be considerate of the products you use, circular economy messaging should be consistent throughout the event.

  • Food & Beverages:
    • Avoid packaging.
    • Use local and seasonal, organic, fair trade products.
    • Select the appropriate amount of food.
    • Offer tap drinking water only if drinkable. Use jars of water rather than bottles.
    • Use glasses that can be washed. If using disposable, utilize recycling or biodegradable products, e.g. cups, napkins etc.
  • Information and giveaways:
    • Upload information to the website and use electronic signage to avoid printing. If unavoidable use recycled paper.
    • Nametags: use recycled paper or materials. Request participants to return the name holder and by providing a bin at the exit to the venue. 
    • Instead of printing T-shirts with CEC logo for one-time use, ask staff instead to wear tops of the same colour to be easily recognized by attendees.

Top Tips

  • Take nice pictures of the venue and during the session.
  • Use a screen that is large enough to be able to display legible text to those sitting in the back row.

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