PAST: Circular Economy Forum – Montevideo, 7-8 Sep 2017

With the purpose to inspire, boost and activate the community to drive transition towards a circular economy in Uruguay and the region. The main objective of this forum is to delve into the circular economy concept and its relevance to the regional transition towards inclusive and sustainable production. In particular, the forum aims to showcase real cases where circular economy was applied to production activities in sectors relevant to the country and, while sharing new ideas, demonstrating that circular economy is already being implemented in Uruguay.

  • Event: Circular Economy Forum

  • Date: 7-8 Sep 2017

  • Location: LATU Auditorium (Ave. Italia 6201), Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Register: HERE

Expected results by thematic area:

– A NEW ECONOMY: Introduce the concept of CE. Show the steps the world is taking towards a circular economy and why this is the path. Affirm that Uruguay is open and committed to take this path.

– CIRCULAR BUSINESS MODELS Provide inspiration through real cases and circular business models from Uruguay, the region and the world.

– CHALLENGES FOR CE: Boost new regulatory frameworks and the design of a roadmap towards Circular Economy for Uruguay 2030. Show the impacts and challenges of the path towards Circular economy & how can different actors work to make it viable: academia, social value, public policies, financial support.


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