City Organisers

Information about the CEC City Organisers

Apply to become the CEC City Organiser if you would like to lead the transition towards a #CircularEconomy in your city. Read more…


Andrea Herget

CEC Paris Organiser - Circular Fashion

Andrea is studying an M.B.A. in Fashion Business at the International Fashion Academy Paris. Andrea worked at Ranorex Gmbh and offered customer support to clients such as L’Oréal or Adidas. Read more…


Gabriella Gyori

CEC Freiburg Organiser & CEC Procurement Mentor

Gabriella is the Procurement Category Manager at Vitra. She specialises in circular procurement. Read more…


Paul Visigah

CEC Local Organiser in Port Harcourt (Nigeria)

Paul is a Urban planner working on the Secondary Cities project for promoting Urban resilience in Developing Cities, supported by the US Department of State, ESRI and the Office of the Geographer for the US. Read more…


Peter Desmond

CEC Mentor & CEC Organiser of Brighton & Hove

Peter Desmond is the CEO of Growth International and the Co-Founder of the African Circular Economy Network, he helps SMEs in their transition towards a circular economy. Read more…


Ricardo Weigend

CEC Mexico DF Organiser

Ricardo works as the Circular Economy Business Developer of ECOR in México. Ricardo previously worked in HEINEKEN-México for 10 years, mainly in supply chain responsibilities. Read more…