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    The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online platform curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy.
    As part of an initiative with 30 screenings happening around the globe, the Berlin event will bring together experts and supporters of the circular economy. Smart city, edible city, zero waste city, circular city - these are all different visions for how cities would look like in the near future. Join us in exploring the underlying thread of these initiatives, and a set of fundamental questions about the city of tomorrow:
    • As the population in cities grows and resource constraints tighten, what new types of growth do we aspire our cities to have - in terms of economy, wellbeing, social connections and local resilience?
    • As cities are becoming true centres of economic and social power, what would be a meaningful distribution of power between the state and the city?
    • What new roles do citizens need to take as part of locally productive, globally connected communities? 
    • What role does technology play in coordinating the city of tomorrow?
    The event will include a fishbowl-style panel with experts from academia, business and the city of Berlin, a curated selection of films from the Disruptive Innovation Festival, and plenty of time for networking.
    To help us plan for the event, registration is required on Eventbrite:
    If you register and it turns out you cannot attend, please cancel your ticket.
    The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is organising this global set of events. The Berlin event is a partnership between the Circular Economy Club, Circular Berlin and C.UBI.
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