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    On Wednesday the 11th of July, we will showcase examples of the Dutch approach towards circular economy . For a global transition we need international collaboration. During the seminars we will highlight current project in Singapore and the Netherlands and to discuss how government, academia and industry can leverage the full potential of circular economy.

    The aim of a circular economy is to decouple material use from economic growth by looping those materials back into the economy. By redefining waste as valuable resource and by designing products and production processes to be regenerative, the value of materials is conserved. A circular economy creates economic opportunities by upcycling valuable recourses that are otherwise lost.

    The transition towards a circular economy cannot be realized by government or industry alone but requires an integrated holistic approach. Government, industry, academia and citizens need to cooperate and act together. Innovation is needed in regulation, products, processes and business models to facilitate the transition.

    The goal of this cross-disciplinary session is to share ideas and insights on challenges, innovations and successful initiatives and pilots in the Netherlands and Singapore for circular economy and zero waste strategies.

    Interested to participate, please contact sin-ia@minbuza.nl
    Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018
    Time: 2.45-5.30pm
    Location: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Level 4, Room 4403&4404

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