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    • The Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Closed Loop Partners have teamed up to challenge the best and brightest entrepreneurs to uncover solutions to one of the most important challenges in sustainable packaging through our joint FlexPack Recovery Challenge. 

      The Problem: As multi-material flexible packaging grows, the lack of recycling or other recovery options becomes even more pressing.

      The production of multi-material flexible packaging is growing exponentially, but there are a lack of recycling and recovery options.

      We are looking for new innovations that will allow flexible packaging comprised of several materials to be recovered and re-used or reprocessed for use in making new packaging or other products.


      Examples of what we are looking for:

      • Technology that can separate the layers of different materials in waste multi-material flexible packaging
      • Chemical or mechanical recycling technologies that create new materials from waste multi-material flexible packaging
      • New alternative recovery technologies that create industrial chemicals from waste multi-material flexible packaging


      All finalists will receive:

      • PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Your innovation featured at SPC Impact in Seattle, WA on April 1-4 2019, including a special exhibit hall and a dedicated Showcase where you present to an audience of brands, retailers, suppliers, and impact investors interested in supporting your innovation.
      • NETWORKING: You’ll get complimentary attendance to the rest of SPC Impact, a $1,400 per ticket value, as well as airfare of up to $500 per person and hotel accommodation for two nights.
      • EXPERT ADVICE: You’ll get feedback from brands and experts at the SPC and CLP on the sustainability and market development considerations for your innovation
      • VISIBILITY: You’ll get featured communications on the Center for the Circular Economy website under its Packaging vertical with significant investor reach as well as featured communications on the SPC’s website with significant packaging industry reach.


      One winner will receive:

      • AWARD:  You will be presented with a trophy on stage at SPC Impact as part of the Event Showcase,  where you will receive special press attention.
      • DEDICATED COMMUNICATIONS:  You will receive a special feature in the SPC and CLP newsletters, sent to over 1,000+ professionals and also featured on these organizations’ websites.
      • MENTORSHIP: You will be placed in a mentorship program jointly administered by the Center for the Circular Economy and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, including dedicated time with staff in both organizations to develop sustainability and economic considerations for their innovations and the possibility to explore further opportunities for investment and pilot projects
      • ONE YEAR OF SPC MEMBERSHIP, a $2,750+ value including free access to SPC conferences, educational resources, an extensive network of 250+ leading companies with commitments to sustainable packaging, and a special opportunity to engage with the SPC’sIndustry Leadership Committee on Multi-Material Flexible Recovery.
      more info here: https://sustainablepackaging.org/challenge/


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