• Book: Constructing A Green Circular Society

    Edited by Munjur E. Moula; Jaana, Sorvari; Pekka, Oinas .

    Publisher: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland

    Printing house: Unigraphia Oy

    ISBN: 978-951-51-3111-9 (Paperback), 978-951-51-3112-6 (PDF)

    About book

    This book focuses on the comprehensive economic model Circular Economy to take the present
    world more sustainable green society for the next generation. Because, for the shortcomings of
    global economy for centuries, the current society is passing through a mediocre unrest. Poverty,
    inequality, opacity, drought, floods, politics and diplomacy with the reality that barriers to the
    formation of environmentally friendly society, fighting, violence, unrestrained people, etc. are
    unacceptable, and unexpected words are hurting our daily living environment directly and
    indirectly. The sustainable society in the sense of social justice is now questioned. This means that
    our targeted sustainable development has been challenged by the global challenges (climate crisis,
    raw material scarcity crisis, toxicity crisis, energy crisis, etc.). In this book, it can be seen in the
    context of how the global challenges can be tackled through timely or timely steps. Here is a timely
    or timely move to say the new economic model Circular Economy. Because the dead address
    addressed to the circular economy society problem in creating a sustainable green society system,
    with the eye which is seen by the rest of the mankind.