• We are delighted to announce that the Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards 2018 are now open.

    SMEs across the British Isles are invited to come forward and nominate themselves for one or more of the following categories:

    1. New Business Award:  For new businesses creating products or providing services (under 2 years old).
    2. New Heritage Award: For young businesses using traditional production methods and techniques (under 10 years old). As part of our heritage section we’ve introduced the Heritage Apprentice Award: Apprentices or Trainees are entered by their employers. Employers are not required to meet the ‘under 10 years’ criteria for their own businesses. Please add ‘Apprentice or Trainee’ after your name on the application form. 
    3. Social Good Award: For socially minded businesses aiming to make a difference to their local communities and the environment.
    4. Sustainable Innovation Award: For businesses with a cutting edge idea that will save energy, reduce carbon, encourage a circular economy and protect the planet.
    5. Female Business Leader Award: For businesses headed by women who are achieving greatness, or with woman leader making significant contributions to a business.
    6. Circular Economy Award : For businesses that use circular economy principles and methods in their products or services, providing solutions that tackle some of the major waste issues facing the planet.
    7. Global Impact Award: For businesses based in the British Isles that are working with international communities, creating ethical partnerships and with good supply chain management.
    8. People’s Prize: All shortlisted businesses from the above categories will also be entered into the People’s Prize category which will be open to public vote.
      *New Category.

    The nomination period starts on the 22nd May and the entry deadline is 12pm Monday 30th July. Shortlist and winners will be judged in August with the winners announced in early September. The awards ceremony itself will take place during London Design Week in September.

    To apply, please fill out our short application form here and send us 4-6 good quality, named images via Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer.

    Entry Rules and Criteria.

    • There is NO entry fee for the awards.
    • Open to Blue Patch members and non-members.
    • All applicants, except those for the Global Impact Award should be based in the UK, and be making/manufacturing or providing a service within the British Isles.
    • Applicants for the Global Impact award, must be based in the UK,  but may manufacture part, or all of their products abroad. For this award, however, it is important that your business be sustainable and be working to improve the communities that you work with abroad.
    • You/Your business must meet the criteria for each individual award that you apply for.
    • You must have an interest in sustainability.
    • You can enter for multiple awards.
    • We must have your completed application plus named photographs by 12 PM on Monday the 30th of July.
    • Entering for an award does not automatically award you membership of Blue Patch. If you wish to become a member, you will have to meet our membership criteria. For more information on Blue Patch membership and benefits, click here.

    Follow our hashtag #bpatchawards for updates.  

    Take a look here for the wonderful time we had celebrating our Blue Patch 2017 award winners at London Design Fair. Click here to see last year’s winners and finalists.

    If you need extra incentive to apply, take a look at our blog post over on the #EthicalHour blog on 5 reasons you should be applying for business awards.