• Start-ups, students, research groups and career scientists from across the world are welcome to exploit the knowledge of chemistry and solve several real-life chemistry-related challenges.


    AkzoNobel launches global chemicals start-up challenge: “Imagine Chemistry

    Imagine Chemistry, launched in conjunction with KPMG, aims to find new sustainable opportunities for AkzoNobel businesses. A dedicated online challenge platform has been launched, operated by KPMG, where participants can submit their ideas and solutions. Anyone who registers will get feedback from AkzoNobel chemicals experts.

    “Our world is made of molecules and we believe that chemistry, mastering the elements, is essential to making the world a better place,” explained Peter Nieuwenhuizen, RD&I Director for AkzoNobel’s Specialty Chemicals business.

    “To get there, we believe open innovation will be vital, seeking ideas both internally and externally to advance our technology and mutually gain from creative thinking. Imagine… with all of our knowledge of chemistry, we can work together to solve some of life’s biggest problems. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get involved.”



    Circular Economy Chemical Startups, apply if you are finding solutions within the following five areas:

    • Revolutionizing plastics recycling
    • Wastewater-free chemical sites
    • Cellulose-based alternatives to synthetics
    • Bio-based and biodegradable surfactants and thickeners
    • Bio-based sources of ethylene

    “Imagine Chemistry is just the latest example of the commitment of AkzoNobel to fostering innovation, and also to doing innovation differently,” he added. It follows a recent decision by the company to participate in a €50 million collaborative venture capital fund, run by Icos Capital, that will focus on investing in early stage chemical and clean technology innovation start-ups, as well as plans to establish an Open Innovation Center at the AkzoNobel Chemicals Research Facility in Deventer, the Netherlands.

    For more information and to participate in the challenge, visit Imagine Chemistry.

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