• Accelerate the transition to a circular Switzerland

    Are you passionate about transforming Zurich into a more sustainable city?

    The Circular Economy (CE) Incubator enables individuals and startups to prototype and develop innovative solutions contributing to accelerate the transition towards Circular Economy in Switzerland. During the program, the selected entrepreneurs work on implementing their solutions and validating their business models, with the support from high-level mentors, experts and our network of impact investors.

    The CE Incubator is part of a pioneer initiative that currently takes place in 4 Swiss cities – Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich (more information below).


    The CE Incubator is for people that

    • Driven by circularity: Whether you have an idea to be nurtured, a prototype to validate or a business model to fine-tune if your solution will contribute to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy, this program is for you!
    • Want to start locally: Think big, start locally. We welcome individuals and teams with an ambitious vision who are looking to first validate and implement their solutions in Switzerland to have an impact on the local ecosystem.
    • But think at scale: Systemic impact is driven by radical collaboration. This program focus on solutions that can be scalable to new markets and regions without loosing in terms of business model feasibility and efficiency.


    Selected entrepreneurs will benefit from

    • Personal mentor: Mentors are at the core of the CE Incubator. We think of mentoring as building a trustworthy relationship with an experienced entrepreneur who inspires and challenges you along your journey while helping you to navigate the Swiss market
    • Investor connections: We will support you in setting-up your revenue model and financing strategy. As part of that the program facilitates connections with impact investors and sustainable finance institutions, matchmaking you with the appropriate investors once you are ready.
    • More than an office: During the CE Incubator you will have free access to Impact Hub inspiring space where you can work from and most importantly connect and exchange with a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies that are eager to collaborate.
    • Swiss-wide visibility: Benefit from local and Swiss-wide exposure throughout the program. This will happen both offline and online through networking and community building events, pitching days as well as mentions on the press, newsletters and social media.


    The entire support provided by the CE Incubator accounts for CHF 15.000 per team. The CE Incubator has a zero equity and fees policy and therefore takes no equity and charges no fees to all the program participants.





    About the CE Incubator

    The CE Incubator is part of a pioneer initiative aiming to accelerate the transition of Switzerland to a Circular Economy.

    In close collaboration with all Impact Hubs throughout Switzerland, sanu durabilitas and with the support of MAVA foundation, this initiative will contribute to drive the new paradigm for the future of business, policy making and society through 4 main pillars.



    Applications for the CE Incubator are open until November 11th, 2018. We are here to help so don’t hesitate to contact Michael in case you have any question about the program.