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    Situated in Nankang Industrial Park of Nan-Tou County, Hydrotek manufactured the first automatic sensor faucet in the world and was the first company to acquire a Taiwanese ecolabel in the automatic-sensor faucet category. Today, automatic sensor faucets are seen all over the world, but Hydrotek still leads the industry, developing solar-powered faucets and providing environmental, energy-conserving, and water-saving green products.


    Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth and is closely linked with environmental and human health. Therefore, Hydrotek urges its R&D engineers to focus on eco design and green production, turning these faucets into a green product. As a result, the faucet is water- and energy-conserving and toxic-free. When in use, the faucet provides reduced water flow and stops water immediately, yet the amount of water output is just enough for cleaning purposes. The automatic sensor faucet is supplemented by a low-power consumption design to extend battery life. Hydrotek selects safe materials that don’t release lead or toxic substances to make sure that materials selection, transportation, packaging, waste disposal, and production processes all conform to international green standards.



    However, the real challenges of eco design lie in the lack of green suppliers. With the assistance of ‘Project Rising Star in Green Innovation for SMEs’, the consultants from Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) accompanied Hydrotek to visit suppliers one-by-one to address the importance of building a green supply chain. Chairman Huang Shu explained, “Hydrotek is the first in the supply chain to request green materials. But with the global trend, more and more downstream clients will be asking for the same thing. The earlier to implement sustainable changes in business model, the more opportunities to get international orders in the near future.” Furthermore, Hydrotek invites suppliers to joint training sessions on international environmental regulations and hazardous-chemical management.



    In order to implement hazardous-chemical management effectively, Hydrotek conducted an ISO 9001 quality-management update and established IECQ QC080000 hazardous-substance process management. From source management at the R&D stage to pollution control in manufacturing processes, the hazardous substances are well under control in a standardized fashion. Hydrotek was the first faucet manufacturer in Taiwan to execute the hazardous-substance management system, and acquired NSF certification in 2013 as proof of products being toxic-free.



    Although the European RoHS restriction of 6 hazardous substances won’t be effectively applied to faucets until 2019, Hydrotek has taken precautions and already eliminated the 6 harmful substances from all products, way ahead of the game. Moreover, Hydrotek underwent the assessment of its carbon footprint for the automatic sensor faucet, to learn the hot spots of negative environmental impacts in the product life cycle. As a result, Hydrotek was able to redesign the hot spots during the product life cycle, earn the Green Mark from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and gain green public procurement opportunities.



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