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    Ecomax is one of the first few Taiwanese manufacturers producing recycled fiber from PET bottles. Located in Hemei, Chuanghua County, this SME dedicating its energies to developing the techniques of turning recycled PET bottles into environmental fibers and setting up its own brand. The turning point that motivated Ecomax to invest in recycled material technology was a lecture that Chairman Ke Hanzhe attended. The lecture was held by the Tzu Chi Foundation, and during the lecture, Master Cheng Yen encouraged the attendees, “Instead of applauding, please use your hands to recycle .” This affected Chairman Ke deeply and he vowed to become an environmental pioneer for Earth.

    In 1995, Ecomax successfully launched its recycled PET fiber, PETSPUN®, and obtained Taiwan’s first Green Mark on the fiber and fabric. Aside from the recycled PET fiber, Ecomax also developed Taiwan’s first bamboo charcoal fiber and silicon energy fiber, securing orders from international brands such as Marks & Spencer, NIKE, and a variety of recognizable international brands.

    As marine ecology issues have become a central focus for international eyes, several new business opportunities have prospered. With the assistance of ‘Project Rising Star in Green Innovation for SMEs’ in 2013, Ecomax started to focus on developing techniques to turn marine litter and discarded fishing nets into recycled fiber. Through further innovative spinning and weaving processes, Ecomax made the fibers into a variety of environmental friendly fabrics and registered them in 2015 as NYHI®. This special technique not only solves some of the marine litter problem and conserves marine ecology from ghost nets, but also moves the industry towards a new chapter of circular economy.

    Having survived the financial crisis and the migration offshore of the textile industry in Taiwan, Ecomax remained persistent in environmental promotion, developing eco-material- based functional products and leading the industry in the application of recycled materials. The success of PETSPUN® steered Ecomax away from the crisis of skyrocketing prices of materials due to the shortage of cotton six years ago. Today, with the launch of NYHI® and the establishment of the ‘Ocean- friendly clothing collaboration platform’, Ecomax integrates global design energy to promote marine conservation issues in the fashion industry. By connecting marine conservation to fashion, Ecomax allows every ethnic group to protect the marine environment without geographic restrictions.

    Chairman Ke warned, “Do not underestimate the importance of waste!” Determined to lessen waste and develop more recycled material, Ke is keeping his promise to Master Cheng Yen, and shaping a sustainable industry to boost the green economy in Taiwan.

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