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    Puli Paper was one of the first manufacturers to transform into a tourist factories in Taiwan. Puli Paper has earned the FSC’s (Forest Stewardship Council) chain-of-custody certification in 2016 to support global sustainable forest initiatives. Puli Paper is working towards being the first tourist factory in the paper industry with a carbon-footprint label in Taiwan.

    The current CEO, Chang Jiang-Fu, son of the founder Chang Ching-hsiang explained that Puli Paper was originally a forestry equipment and supplies manufacturer that also provided paper- production equipment maintenance services. After becoming more familiar with the paper industry, Puli Paper transformed from an equipment manufacturer into a paper producer specializing in rice- paper manufacturing.

    From hand-made paper, then a wide variety of customized paper in small amounts, then paper art, to tourist factory, Puli Paper has been evolving with the industry. CEO Chang is confident that environmental protection will play an important role in the next steps for the paper industry.

    With the rising awareness of environmental protection, more and more international brands require the paper supply chain to focus on water and forest sustainability and ask their suppliers to comply with environmental certifications. Hence, ‘Project Rising Star in Green Innovation for SMEs’ has provided timely assistance to work with Puli Paper in breaching the stalemate and seeking green growth opportunities for sustainable business transformation.

    Puli Paper has been using recyclable, chemical-free and dye- free materials as resources, and the company has pushed the excess- material recovery rate to 100%. But this was not enough for CEO Chang. With the

    aid of the project and consultation from PIDC, Puli Paper successfully obtained FSC certification, established the traceability of environmental paper material, and secured orders from international brands such as IKEA, Target, and Walmart. Puli Paper is planning on implementing ISO 14067, product carbon-footprint assessment, and applying for carbon-footprint label to further promote the sustainable characteristics of Puli’s products in the international market.

    The road to obtaining the FSC-CoC certification was certainly not smooth and consumed lots of money and time. CEO Chang believes that business continuity is built on the foundation of sustainability. “Opportunity favors the prepared minds,” said CEO Chang proudly. “Perhaps not so many consumers support environmentally certified products today, but in the near future, the public will definitely focus more on the sustainable development of the environment and our green products will be widely available in the market.”

    CEO Chang adheres to the business philosophy of remaining “attentive in making every sheet of paper” and invests effort into the advancement of quality and value. Thus, the expansion of Puli Paper’s world domain promises to continue.

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