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    Slow Fashion Next is a Sustainable Fashion Platform in Spain, which was born with the objective to show alternatives to the current fashion system, working in three fronts:

    • to give visibility for designers, brands, companies, initiatives and other organizations who are creating positive social and environmental impacts – as example, through its 19000+ community, or its “Sustainable Fashion Directory” (Directorio de Moda Sostenible – to be launched soon);
    • to create and foster trustworthy professional connections in the field –  as through its annual event “Sustainable Fashion Day” (Jornada de Moda Sostenible – happening this year on the 25th May);
    • and spread information, offering practical and quality training for designers and brands, related to emerging and sustainable fashion concepts as well as entrepreneurship – through its online courses.

    Overview of the course

    One of Slow Fashion Next’s courses that recently launched shows the connection between “Circular Economy and New Fashion Businesses” (Economía Circular y Nuevos Negocios de Moda).

    The course is a self-paced course and the first of its kind in Spanish – it is taught by CEC #CircularFashion Mentor Alice Beyer Schuch.

    Student profile

    The course is targeted to people with a basic knowledge of the fashion industry, as for designers, start-ups and students of fashion or similar, interested in addressing a new vision of fashion business.

    Course objectives

    The course seeks to open the range of circular possibilities for fashion, presenting new perspectives and innovative alternatives which tackle the necessary changes towards a more responsible, beneficial and effective fashion value chain. Initially, the fashion status quo is presented; the concept of Circular Economy is introduced and followed by examples of its innumerable applications in the fashion field.

    At the end of the course, the students will have received fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical tools (and have been also alerted to possible obstacles), helping their decision making and drawing up their guide line, with a step-by-step from identifying the problem to defining the best alternative for their circular fashion business and own projects.

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