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    The Vrije Universiteit PhD programme caters to a curious, creative and critical global student body. As one of the Netherlands’ leading universities, Vrije Universiteit’s central objective is to help our students develop the skills and abilities needed to tackle critical challenges in science and society, and move their fields in new directions. Some of the world’s leading authorities in science, politics, business, public affairs and sport got their start at Vrije Universiteit. We take pride in our reputation as a stepping stone for international talent, and we are committed to guiding our PhD students as they embark on their personal career paths, whether inside or outside of the academic arena. That is why all of our PhD students must participate in a PhD training programme.

    Vrije Universiteit is a global institution. We welcome students from all over the world to apply for one of our outstanding PhD programmes and learn firsthand what it means to be a VU alum. The sections below provide general information on how to pursue a doctoral degree at Vrije Universiteit. We invite you to look further and explore the possibilities offered by our diverse PhD programmes.

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