Bio (50 words about you) Anna Queralt is currently working in the Circular Design team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Anna has an MSc in Sustainable Cities by AAU, her thesis was on “How to improve the circularity of furniture in Copenhagen throughout the creation of PPP?”. During the MSc, she explored how could plastics be included in more ambitious targets within the municipal plan of the City of Copenhagen and spent a semester at Zero Waste Europe, in Brussels, where she worked as project manager of the People’s Design Lab European initiative.

Jun 2018. UNLEASH Talent (Singapore)

Feb 2018. Pannel Debate of Best Practices of CE in the public sector in Gava (Barcelona):
How can the public sector accelerate the transition towards the Circular Economy in Spain?

Feb 2018. Circular Economy Club Mapping Session in Copenhagen:

Dec 2016. People's Design Lab - "Make love, not waste" Redesign Workshop
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