• Profile picture of Sara
    Sara Arjmandnia
    City Organizers Coordinator
    Circular Economy Club (CEC)
    Interested in: All sectors
  • Profile picture of Tony
    Tony Scott
    Waste Prevention and Sustainability Officer
    Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA)
    Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Noble
    Director of the Board
    Circular Economy Club
    London (UK)
    Interested in: All Interests
  • Profile picture of Lydia
    Lydia Dutton
    Business Consultant
    International Synergies
    Birmingham (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Pérez Masegosa
    CSR & Alliances Junior
    ​Red Cross Spain
    Madrid (Spain)
  • Profile picture of Oskar
    Oskar Örling
    Product developer for circular solutions
    BeCircular (consultant) & San Sac (Recycling equipment specialist)
    Linköping (Sweden)
    Interested in: Circular Business models, Minimizing waste
  • Profile picture of Ana
    Ana Pego
    Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty
    NOVA University Lisbon
    Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Profile picture of Brendon
    Brendon Rowen
    Co-Founder and Director
    Cradle to Cradle® Marketplace
    Glasgow (United Kingdom)
    Interested in: Cradle to Cradle design, Circular Economy strategising, nutrient management, chemistry, project management.
  • Profile picture of Vishal
    Vishal Kumar
    General Manager
    Pune (India)
    Interested in: Waste Management
  • Profile picture of wekesa zab
    wekesa zab zab
    Circular Design Nairobi
    Nairobi (Kenya)
  • Profile picture of
    Sofia Garin Martinez
    Teacher Assistant
    Aalborg University
    Copenhagen (Dinamarca)
  • Profile picture of Pranav
    Pranav Khanna
    Director | | Ideas That Scale
    Mumbai (India)
    Interested in: Sustainability, E textiles, fashion tech, Community Building
  • Profile picture of Luong
    Luong Nguyen
    CEC Blekinge Institute of Technology Organizer
    Circular Economy Club (CEC)
    Karlskrona (Sweden)
  • Profile picture of Debbie
    Debbie Moorhouse
    Interested in: business, design, manufacturing, textiles, fashion
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