Bio (50 words about you) As a circular economy consultant and Executive Director my aim is to facilitate transitioning towards a circular Chile, engaging with many stakeholders to foster a circular economy. I believe that human wellbeing should thrive and benefit from the value created by the circular economy, inside the limits of our natural resources.
For more than six years I was a consultant in different areas. In environmental management, innovation with a triple bottom line, and carbon management in renewable energy and forestry projects. In that period, I worked with entrepreneurs, academics, small and large companies, international agencies and public institutions. Then, I went to Scotland to study my MSc and from the beginning I was involved in different circular economy activities, such as social challenges, courses and round tables for policy and planning a Low Carbon and Circular Scotland. I did research on the extent and applications of the circular economy for a whole system approach, including consumer behaviour, commodity value chains and economy sectors. Part of the application of all this was co-developing a circular business idea. The model is being implemented in Chile as part of our company, which also gives consultancy to other companies and institutions for a circular economy transition.
My background is in agricultural engineering with a minor in environmental management, MSc in Ecological Economics (Dist) and I have a diploma in Public Policies for climate change with Human Rights approach.
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