Bio (50 words about you) Brieuc Saffré is a Business Designer and the Cofounder of Wiithaa & the Circulab network, the network of over 40 certified consultants in 14 countries who support the implementation of the circular economy through the Circulab methodology.

Brieuc’s current focus is to continue developing the Circulab methodology and its network. They are working with a French company specialising in outdoor advertising to redesign an industrial process that will enable the company to recycle billboard paper at the billboards’ end of life.

Languages: French, English, and a some Spanish

Mentorship strength
Business model design | Circular Design | User experience

Brieuc Saffré tells CEC about his background
“In 2010, I was blogging a lot about brand utility, then I discovered an Ellen MacArthur Foundation video about a new economic paradigm: the circular economy. I found it so relevant and powerful that I decided to focus on this. Several months later I founded Wiithaa, the first design agency focused on the circular economy.

Back in 2008, I had graduated from the ESSCA, a business school in Angers, France. Then I worked in several advertising agencies in Paris and Sydney. Nowadays, with Wiithaa, we have worked on several missions in Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Belgium.”

Greatest challenge when implementing circularity
“The main challenge when implementing a circular economy is cooperation among different stakeholders. If you are able to show that everyone will win with a new project, then you will bring them much further. There are many aspects to raise, such as the economic, environmental and social opportunities.”
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