Bio (50 words about you) Gozde Taskin founded Rakha, sustainable women’s wear brand, in 2011. She then created the award-winning charity, Rakha PEOPLE, which develops closed-loop circular economy networks that reduce waste and help train women from disadvantaged communities in garment making. Gozde did her studies in Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, and Fashion Business.

Languages: English, Italian, and Turkish

Mentorship strength
Design | Entrepreneurship | Supply Chain | Materials | Sourcing | Manufacturing

Gozde Taskin tells CEC about her background
“My academic background is in Fashion, with further education on Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Business Management. Through these courses, I developed management skills and a clear understanding of sustainability in the fashion supply chain. On completing my studies, I was inspired to apply this knowledge to real-life challenges. and that is how I started my sustainable fashion business.

Having worked and studied in a variety of fields in the Fashion industry I came to the conclusion that there is a great amount of work that can be done to address social and environmental issues in our industry. Therefore I decided to specialise in sustainability and applying circularity to the fashion industry. I founded Rakha in 2011, a sustainable women’s wear brand based in London. The company creates guilt-free fashion.

For me, the social, environmental and economic impacts of fashion are critical considerations for the industry. I have a keen interest in developing newly sustainable supply chain infrastructures focused on reducing waste. While seeking to find better and more innovative ways to do business.”


Greatest challenges when implementing circularity
My main challenges since I founded Rakha in 2011have been facing the daily trials of an entrepreneur. Since most of the sustainable brands I was bumping into looked boring and overpriced, I spent years in developing and trying to apply a closed-loop circular economy model to the brand, while trying to make the end garments affordable and cool at the same time.

Best tip for a circular startup
Be very hands-on and know your supply chain really well.
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