• Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Noble
    Director of the Board
    Circular Economy Club
    London (UK)
    Interested in: All Interests
  • Profile picture of Vanessa Vivian
    Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch
    Project Manager
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Interested in: energy, environment, mobility, water
  • Sara Arjmandnia
    CEC City Organizers Coordinator & Funding Officer
    Circular Economy Club (CEC)
    Interested in: All sectors
  • Profile picture of Peter
    Peter Desmond
    CEC Brighton & Hove Local Organizer and CEC Mentor
    Growth International
    Brighton & Hove (United Kingdom)
    Interested in: Circular cities, Africa
  • Profile picture of Marialine
    Marialine Verdickt
    Singapore (Singapore)
    Interested in: Responsible Production and Consumption - UN SDG 12
  • Profile picture of lukmanali
    Lukman Ali
    Business Development Manager
    Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Profile picture of Nami
    Nami Traeholt
    Managing Director/ Founder
    Aichmi Group
    Kuala Lumpur, Copenhagen (Malaysia, Denmark)
    Interested in: Sustainability Leadership, Circular Economy, New Plastics Economy, New Textiles Economy, Sustainability & Fintech, Mentoring, Internships, Education
  • Profile picture of Andreya
    Andreya Shterev
    Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
    Interested in: CE, Biotechnology, Industry 4.0
  • Profile picture of Harry Li
    Harry Li
    Circular Economy (Hong Kong) Limited
    Hong Kong (China)
  • Profile picture of Gabish
    Gabish JOSHI
    Gajur Private Limited
    Kathmandu (Nepal)
    Interested in: Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture (focusing on sustainability aspects)
  • Profile picture of Sean
    Sean Trewick
    Founder and Research Lead
    Circular Citizen
    Melbourne (Australia)
  • Profile picture of Susanne
    Susanne Yvonne Karcher
    Assisting a team of global experts
    World Resources Forum
    Cape Town (South Africa)
    Interested in: e-Waste, Secondary Metals Urban Mining, Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption
  • Profile picture of Catherine
    Catherine Weetman
    Rethink Global Ltd
    Teesside (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Chris
    Chris Oestereich
    Linear to Circular & Full Circle Filament
    Bangkok (Thailand)
    Interested in: waste, plastics, food, social enterprise, social innovation
  • Profile picture of Siao Chuen
    Siao Chuen Chong
    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Profile picture of Martin
    Martin Su
    Yee Chain
    Taipei (Taiwan)
  • Profile picture of Bayron
    Bayron Guzmán Ochoa
    Circular Economy Club Cuenca
    Cuenca (Ecuador)
    Interested in:
  • Profile picture of Richard
    Richard Hagan
    Managing Director
    Crystal Doors
    Rochdale (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Peter
    Peter Bates
    Senior Partner
    pjb Associates
    Ely (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Sudy
    Sudy Yeo
    CEC Petaling Jaya Organiser, Green Development Manager
    Eco Foodsoft Sdn Bhd
    Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)
    Interested in: Food waste solution provider
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