• Profile picture of SecondCycle
    Frédéric Bouchard
    Second Cycle Inc.
    Québec (Canada)
  • Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Noble
    Director of the Board
    Circular Economy Club
    London (UK)
    Interested in: All Interests
  • Sara Arjmandnia
    CEC City Organizers Coordinator & Funding Officer
    Circular Economy Club (CEC)
    Interested in: All sectors
  • Profile picture of Gabish
    Gabish JOSHI
    Gajur Private Limited
    Kathmandu (Nepal)
    Interested in: Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture (focusing on sustainability aspects)
  • Profile picture of Brendon
    Brendon Rowen
    Co-Founder and Director
    Cradle to Cradle® Marketplace
    Glasgow (United Kingdom)
    Interested in: Cradle to Cradle design, Circular Economy strategising, nutrient management, chemistry, project management.
  • Profile picture of Bayron
    Bayron Guzmán Ochoa
    Circular Economy Club Cuenca
    Cuenca (Ecuador)
    Interested in:
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