Bio (50 words about you) Industrial Designer, specialist in Production and Consumption Systems Management.

Co-founder of Ecodiseñ, a pioneering company using and promoting eco-design methodologies in Chile where Marcela organized EcodAl 2014, the 1st Latin American Eco-design Congress. Marcela also collaborated in the creation of the Superior Technical Career in Sustainable Design of the Institute of the Environment (IDMA), which she led until 2016.

She is currently the Sustainability Director of Stgo Slow, consultant specialist in Eco-design, Marketing and Sustainable Consumption and the President of the Association of Sustainable Consumers of Chile, AdC Circular.
She has more than a decade of experience working with companies of products and services in different areas, both in the public and private sectors. She teaches at various Higher Education centers, conducts workshops, talks and coaching processes in Sustentable Life styles. Marcela also executes projects with local communities in the field of participatory design, change management and goals facilitation.
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