• Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Noble
    Director of the Board
    Circular Economy Club
    London (UK)
    Interested in: All Interests
  • Profile picture of Catherine
    Catherine Weetman
    Rethink Global Ltd
    Teesside (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Michael Boyle
    Michael Boyle
    Frugal Academy
    Vienna (Austria)
    Interested in: managing scarcity, ending waste, optimizing diversity
  • Profile picture of Maya
    Maya Karkour
    Eco-entrepreneur & Sustainability Consultant
    Beirut (Lebanon)
    Interested in: eco-entrepreneurship; built environment; solutions to plastic & disposables; environmental education
  • Profile picture of Cynthia
    Cynthia Reynolds
    Circular Oslo
    Oslo (Norway)
  • Profile picture of sanjay` bafna
    sanjay` bafna bafna
  • Profile picture of Brendon
    Brendon Rowen
    Co-Founder and Director
    Cradle to Cradle® Marketplace
    Glasgow (United Kingdom)
    Interested in: Cradle to Cradle design, Circular Economy strategising, nutrient management, chemistry, project management.
  • Profile picture of Dina
    Dina Padalkina
    CEC Berlin Organizer
    Circular Berlin (
    Berlin (Germany)
  • Profile picture of Anna
    Anna Queralt
    Circular Design
    Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Profile picture of Paschal
    Paschal Offordum
    Civic Innovator
    African Circular Economy Forum
    Ibadan (Nigeria)
  • Profile picture of Emma
    Emma Burlow
    Head of Circular Economy
    Resource Futures
    Bristol (United Kingdom)
    Interested in: CE; retail; plastics
  • Profile picture of Vishal
    Vishal Kumar
    General Manager
    Pune (India)
    Interested in: Waste Management
  • Profile picture of Debbie
    Debbie Moorhouse
    Interested in: business, design, manufacturing, textiles, fashion
  • Profile picture of Letícia
    Letícia Vitalli
    Innovation Project Leader
    Solvay Group
    Santo André (Brazil)
    Interested in: Textiles, Plastics
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