Bio (50 words about you) Ricardo Weigend is a Circular Economy pioneer in México, introducing and implementing the concept of Circular Economy in his country. He works as the Circular Economy Business Developer of ECOR in México, providing commercially viable, turnkey, closed-loop enterprise solutions for private and public entities. His solutions focus on ECOR alloys, which convert waste fiber into high-value building, merchandising and packaging materials, making limitless recyclable bio-based products that generate economic, environmental, and social returns.

Ricardo previously worked in HEINEKEN-México for 10 years, mainly in supply chain. His last role was as the Circular Economy Leader who led the organisation to become a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 program. He also crafted HEINEKEN-México three-year sustainability deployment plan to implement Circular Economy models. Ricardo previously did his Master Degree in Management and Corporate Sustainability at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom and holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

Ricardo recently received a Highly-Commended entry award in 2017 from The Circulars, the world´s premier circular economy award program.

Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent)

Mentorship strength
Business strategy | Innovation | Change Management | Business Models

Ricardo Weigend tells CEC about her background
“I am a passionate human being, as a professional and athlete I always want to go the extra mile. My parents raised me and my five siblings with that strong work ethic. Living first in the industrial city of Monterrey, and now in México City taught me that if we care about the next generations, we cannot continue producing and consuming in a take-make-dispose model. I see in the concept of Circular Economy the answer to solve most of our economic, environmental and social problems; and an inspiring, disruptive and exciting challenge to implement projects, develop a Circular Economy network and having a cross-pollination of ideas in México and Latin-America.”
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