• Profile picture of Adrián E.
    Adrián E. Velasco
    Futuro Circular
    Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Profile picture of Maya
    Maya Karkour
    Eco-entrepreneur & Sustainability Consultant
    Beirut (Lebanon)
    Interested in: eco-entrepreneurship; built environment; solutions to plastic & disposables; environmental education
  • Profile picture of Carlo
    Carlo Ghiglietti
    Sustainability and Circular Economy Advisor Creatore e produttore di Pensa Circolare Podcast
    Melegnano (Italy)
    Interested in: resilience, sustainability, cities, circular economy
  • Profile picture of Peter
    Peter Auwerx
    Enterprise Sales Executive
    Global Assets Recovery Services of IBM for UK & EU markets
    Preston (United Kingdom)
  • Profile picture of Cynthia
    Cynthia Reynolds
    Circular Oslo
    Oslo (Norway)
  • Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Pérez Masegosa
    CSR & Alliances Junior
    ​Red Cross Spain
    Madrid (Spain)
  • Profile picture of Prasad
    Prasad Modak
    Executive President
    Environmental Management Centre LLP
    Mumbai (India)
    Interested in: mainstreaming circular economy, business models, environmental and social governance, sustainability
  • Profile picture of Adesuwa
    Adesuwa Obasuyi
    Operations Manager
    Sustainable Africa Waste Initiative
    Abuja (Nigeria)
  • Profile picture of Shyaam
    Shyaam Ramkumar
    CEC Milan Team Member
    CEC Milan
    Milan (Italy)
  • Profile picture of Ester
    Ester Xicota
    Hub Moda Circular
    Lima (Peru)
    Interested in: circular fashion
  • Profile picture of Daniel
    Daniel Gomez
    Centro de Innovación y Economía Circular
    Bogota (Colombia)
    Interested in: Product design
  • Profile picture of Esther
    Esther Shemdoe
    Local solution for biodiversity conservation
    Tanga (Tanzania)
  • Profile picture of Stephanie
    Stephanie Braddick
    The Beehive
    Panama City (Panama)
  • Profile picture of Charles
    Charles Mbatsogo
    Communications and Cooperation Manager
    Green Life Act
    Yaoundé (Cameroon)
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