• Profile picture of Nami
    Nami Traeholt
    Managing Director/ Founder
    Aichmi Group
    Kuala Lumpur, Copenhagen (Malaysia, Denmark)
    Interested in: Sustainability Leadership, Circular Economy, New Plastics Economy, New Textiles Economy, Sustainability & Fintech, Mentoring, Internships, Education
  • Profile picture of Vanessa Vivian
    Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch
    Project Manager
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Interested in: energy, environment, mobility, water
  • Profile picture of Susana Nuria
    Susana Nuria Guerrero Lopez
    Founder & CEO
    London (United Kingdom)
    Interested in: Built Environment, Building Materials, Construction, Circular Products, Systems & Services solutions, Circularity Enablers, Design for Reuse, Close the Loop, Natural Resources, Finite Resources, Circular Heating Systems, Renewable Energy
  • Profile picture of Patricia
    Patricia Noble
    Director of the Board
    Circular Economy Club
    London (UK)
    Interested in: All Interests
  • Filipa Gouveia Gouveia
    Vida ECOnsciente
    Braga (Portugal)
  • Profile picture of SecondCycle
    Frédéric Bouchard
    Second Cycle Inc.
    Québec (Canada)
  • Profile picture of Ramiro
    Ramiro Partner & Lean Six Sigma Consultant
    ATS Procurement Group
    Guadalajara (España)
    Interested in: Ecología, Tecnología, Gestión del Cambio
  • Profile picture of Enrico
    Enrico Cioccoloni
    Merano (Italia)
    Interested in: Economia circolare, materiali biodegradabili, fibre naturali
  • Profile picture of Marialine
    Marialine Verdickt
    Singapore (Singapore)
    Interested in: Responsible Production and Consumption - UN SDG 12
  • Profile picture of Venan
    Venan Sondo
    Managing Director
    Accra (Ghana)
  • Profile picture of Kai
    Kai Constantini
    Natural Patter
    Calgary (Canada)
  • Profile picture of Oskar
    Oskar Örling
    Product developer for circular solutions
    BeCircular (consultant) & San Sac (Recycling equipment specialist)
    Linköping (Sweden)
    Interested in: Circular Business models, Minimizing waste
  • Profile picture of Gabish
    Gabish JOSHI
    Gajur Private Limited
    Kathmandu (Nepal)
    Interested in: Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture (focusing on sustainability aspects)
  • Profile picture of Sean
    Sean Trewick
    Founder and Research Lead
    Circular Citizen
    Melbourne (Australia)
  • Profile picture of Jacqueline
    Jacqueline Chang
    CEC Organiser (Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya)
    Circular Economy Club Kuala Lumpur
    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    Interested in: circular economy business models | grassroots CE initiatives| SCP Projects | EU-ASEAN projects
  • Profile picture of Andrew John
    Andrew John De Los Santos
    Graduate Student
    Arizona State University
    Tempe (United States of America)
    Interested in: Zero Waste, Circular Economy, Recycling, Composting, Engineering, Tiny Houses, Green Buildings,
  • Bogdan Dolintse Dolintse
    Institute of Management and Strategies
    Kyiv (Ukraine)
  • Profile picture of Chris
    Chris Whyte
    Managing Director
    Durban (South Africa)
    Interested in: Developing innovations for problematic waste streams
  • Profile picture of Bayron
    Bayron Guzmán Ochoa
    Circular Economy Club Cuenca
    Cuenca (Ecuador)
    Interested in:
  • Profile picture of Tanerevin2019
    Mustafa Taner Evin
    Environmental And Sustainability Manager
    Abudhabi (United Arab Emirates)
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