Sazzad A Chowdhury

Bio (50 words about you) I am the founder and Group Managing Director of Wastechem Group And Chairperson of S.R. Corporation. Started Business in Sustainable Environment (Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant ) in Bangladesh from 2008 and mostly covered Industrial Sectors.
In 2017, established SR Corporation , Re-Search pRo LLC accordingly . The platform is being developed Innovative trade-Ventilation process that only conducting trade for Bangladesh, especially in Sustainable and industrial intermediate Brand agnostic products solutions.
We have turned following Challenges into our Core Competencies:
#Price Sensitivity Market #Disruptive Technology #Cross Boarders Trade Solution (Europe and Bangladesh) #Environment: Social: Economical Need fulfilment #Market stress reduce from 12steps to 3steps# ICT and Digital Adoption #Takeaway Distribution And Tracking System #Product Life-Cycle-End #Saturday Workshop.
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