• Sazzad A Chowdhury posted an update 5 days, 11 hours ago

    Bangladesh is the core model for the largest Textile manufacturing sectors in the world. I do think Circular Economy implementing objectives are not be same as developed countries and as Developing Countries I.e. south Asian country like Bangladesh.
    There are some gaps, making big threads due to the specific roles of advanced functional materials.
    Gaps are ; first to the gap showing in Trade Business model on Chemical, advanced materials etc still going in low price based Not have any focused on Green.
    2nd gap Is Customer Loyalty means trade can easily change customer need and want into customer’s price benefit desires.
    3rd gap is the cause of 2nd gap and that is zero knowledge about Environment and Green NEED.
    4th gap indicates on Disruptive technology.

    Our Re-search papers listed others gap that can be share if club need more……..

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