Bio (50 words about you) Shaun Deverson owns and manages the consulting firm ‘Lighthouse Road’ where they specialise in Leadership, Sustainability and Complexity.

He studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney, who were leaders in driving Sustainability theory into the engineering curriculum in Australia. His MBA studies advanced on that theme where he majored in Organisational Sustainability. He has recently founded a ‘Sustainability and Community Impact’ Networking Forum in Newcastle where the discussion focuses on Circular Economy principles.
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With my imagined grand plan to become a professional golfer hitting a hard dose of reality ⛳️ (reality of delusion!), I sought out an adventure of sorts by joining the Royal Australian Navy. Time spent at sea and visiting many countries taught me many personal lessons including leadership, resilience, courage and how to fold awesome hospital corners. In turn, I also experienced many failures and weaknesses in process, disconnectedness, waste and closed system beliefs. I would then forge a career in environmental systems engineering and consulting, which highlighted the planet's boundaries to human behaviour, ignorance and linear thinking that together debases our efforts to move forward on a healthier and sustainable path 🌏. As a business leader, exposure to the growing complexities that business leaders face today highlighted the interconnectednesss, uncertainties and emergence that's rapidly becoming the norm. This hard won 'consciousness' journey highlighted the multiple threats that exist for organisations and communities today and should we continue to ignore them, we do so at our peril. In turn, there are multiple opportunities awaiting those who have the courage and dare to navigate a new BAU. My mission now is to shine a light on how we can chart ourselves through this turbulence and complexity by engaging a naturalistic and human-centred lens, to a harbour of global health and prosperity – I created Lighthouse Futures ♻️. Outside of the office I can usually be found pounding the pavement by feet or by bike, or creating new craters at my local golf club. A closet Astronomer 🔭, I look forward to seeing Halley's Comet again in the year 2061 (fingers crossed!).


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