Bio (50 words about you) Waste Prevention and Sustainability Officer within the Strategy Team. Tony has played a key role in embedding sustainability into 2 major contracts (25 – 30 years respectively), the building of ‘award winning’ sustainable facilities, ensuring that operations and activities are circular in their approach, that they address their carbon impacts and are delivered in a socially responsible way. Tony raises awareness and informs local residents on how not to produce waste in the first place. If waste is unavoidable, then reuse and recycling are encouraged so that outcomes are focused at the upper-end of the waste hierarchy. This ensures that resources are returned to the economy or re- circulated in the community. Tony was responsible for implementing and maintaining ISO 14001 accreditation for 7 closed landfill sites and is currently leading on ‘understanding consumer behaviour’ through behavioural analysis using the Behaviour Change Wheel and MRWA’s approach to supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
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