Bio (50 words about you) Wattify ltd is getting our power networks ready for clean, smart urban-Electric Growth
Our power distribution networks must be ready for rapid growth in low carbon technologies (LCTs):
- domestic EV charging
- local generation
- localised storage and V2G.
Growth will soon accelerate faster as new local energy markets emerge, trading renewable generation and storage - together we can adopt proven smarter network products to meet customers' changing needs.

As an independent enabler we help our industry rise to today's challenges, by adapting LV (low voltage) networks build for yesterday's homes, communities and economies by:
- detecting and understanding growing constraints and clustering trends
- developing frameworks to classify and grade the need for intervention;
- enabling Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to adopt innovation, evolving a toolkit that helps connect more LCTs;
- pool resources, share or trade innovations, allowing a menu of solutions to be matched to Use Cases;
- adopt best-fit LV solutions able to release untapped capacity in the most constrained urban networks;
... ready to power the UK's urban electric revolution.
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