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    Exchange4Change Brasil is a specialized consultancy dedicated to facilitate the transition  to the circular economy in Brazil. We work with international experts to co-create and adapt global solutions to the brazilian reality. We believe that the transition will only happen if we work together strenghtening our networks and our understanding of what works and what doesnt. we are therefore keen to connect with other experts and exchange ideas and best practices. We also have an educational arm that on the 1st year has organized 10 webinars with specialists from 7 countries going through all the key topics essential to create a positive environment for the circular economy to happen. We have published a book that highlights the learning from our knowledge exchange with dutch experts and it has become a reference material as it is the 1st technical material to be published in portuguese on the theme of circular economy.

  • Special Offers for CEC Members

    We believe education and knowledge exchange is essential for the transition. We would like to invite CEC members that work in specialized fields to recommend topics for discussion and create opportunites for new knowledge exchange webinars. We can also offer our network and expertise to facilitate connections and projects in Brazil or Latin America.

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