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    CHAiNT Afrique specializes in simplifying environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) for organisations, ensuring that they focus on material issues to innovate and achieve maximum returns from their sustainability investments. We support organisations to simplify complex sustainability challenges by focusing on innovating through the eco-efficiency lens, while taking other organizational parameters into consideration. We believe that a holistic but simplistic approach to addressing key ESG imperatives helps identify intrinsically linked challenges and further unlocks inherent opportunities in ESG. We have have a mission to re-imagine sustainability, simplify and demystify the concept of a circular economy and make it very practical, useful, important, inclusive and relevant to every pillar of the economy.

    Chaint Afrique seeks to pioneer a circular economy platform that rewards for green initiatives. Our main goal is to successfully integrate ESG in businesses across Africa, as well as mainstream eco-consiousness for consumers.

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