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    Saahas focuses on providing end-to-end waste management solutions to bulk waste generators.

    We offer consultancy services to plan and design a waste management facility for new properties

    We work with companies to aggregate and support a reverse logistics system in line with their sustainability policy.

    We comply with all statutory requirements like ESI and PF and provide all the prescribed safety equipment to our workforce that comprises 80 field staff and supervisors. It is with their support that Saahas is able to provide comprehensive waste management solutions that include:

    Waste audit: Our waste audit service is offered to all new customers who intend to introduce an on-site waste management system on their premises. The audit focuses on studying the current practice of waste management along with understanding the quantities and types of waste that are being generated. The outcome of the audit is a detailed report that suggests and recommends the way forward for implementation of waste management. This includes recommendations on set up of infrastructure, training, waste flows and ongoing management and monitoring.

    On-site waste management: Based on the recommendations of the waste audit, Saahas supports bulk waste generators with managing the implementation of waste management (including dry waste, wet waste and e-waste) on-site.

    This includes supporting the infrastructure set up process, setting up a segregation system, training for support staff and employees/residents, as well defining the SOPs for waste flows. Saahas, then employs its own staff to manage and run the waste management unit on-site
    Design and Infrastructure Consulting: Saahas helps property developers to help design efficient waste management systems for their upcoming properties. This includes analysing the site and recommending the following :

    ideal layout for the waste management unit
    Waste flow systems form points of generation to the waste management unit

    Infrastructure recommendations including equipment and machinery details

    High level implementation plan

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