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    ISgreen LTD born as an engineering company dedicated to integrated design services for Engineering and Architecture and to those related to the international environmental energy sustainability certifications LEED / GBC Italia.

    At the same time, it is also an Innovative Startup that aims to carry out the "Carbon-trap" project, linked to a patent application, and which has led the company to explore other fields of application, in different sectors, and with different developments and objectives but with the same basic technology.

    At the center of our vision is the circular economy, respect for the environment and social equity.

    The aim is to capture the carbon dioxide produced by some industrial plants and transform it into a high market value product. To do this we use an edible cyanobacterium, whose biomass not only sequesters CO2, but can be used as it is as a superfood or be the basis of foods (for example, energy bars or tonics), and also as an excellent product for the pharmaceutical industry and for cosmetics. It has several applications, including in animal husbandry and fish farming.

    The ISgreen LTD adheres to Biotecnomed Cluster, a consortium composed of public research and Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, which, with its 19 laboratories, a structure is highly specialized in the field of Human Health and Biotechnology, offering services advanced to companies and research centers.

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