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    Valley is an initiative by

    Delta Development Group,

    Volker Wessels and the

    Reggeborgh Groep.

    This partnership also

    successfully initiated

    Park 20|20, the world’s

    first full service office park

    that is based on the

    Cradle to Cradle® philosophy.

    Examples to show that new collaborative ways of working and developing result in a better functioning economic system. Examples to prove that product- and service development are possible from a systemic perspective.

    In The Netherlands, we are creating a place where these examples come to life. A unique place where circular ideas, technologies, financing structures and business models are being developed. A physical R&D environment with a community that significantly accelerates the transition to a circular economy.


    Valley’s community consists of all
    stakeholders relevant in the circular
    economy transition, ranging from thought leaders and academics to artists and
    designers, NGO’s, start-ups, SME’s,
    corporates, knowledge institutes, and
    governmental organizations.

    Valley is a physical location where all elements, services and
    stakeholders are available to get from an ambitious idea to a circular product, service or innovation.

    Valley is the place where national and international circular
    challenges and initiatives can land.

    Valley offers access to Launching
    Customers and Circular (Public) Procurement.

    Valley allows (unexpected) opportunities
    and collaborations to emerge and be made actionable, both in a physical and virtual
    community (Digital Valley).

    Valley shortens time-to-market

    for innovative circular economy

    inspired products and services.

    Valley reduces the risk levels
    involved in the development of
    circular products and services, both from a technical standpoint as well as from a financial point of view.

    Valley provides access to
    investment capital.

    What Valley does

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