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    Youths for Peace Building and Development in Africa- (YOUPEDA) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and not- for profit making youth network registered in 2008. YOUPEDA invests in peace education, democratic strategies, conflict prevention, advocacy, research and training to the young people voluntarily and non-voluntarily. YOUPEDA is broad – base peace building and development organization for youths. YOUPEDA has a legal status and registration with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) in 2008 with CAC/IT/NO: 27223. The organization is open to young adults of all ages who believe in the overall objectives and development efforts of YOUPEDA.

    YOUPEDA’s philosophy and doctrine of practice is bringing peace and making peace where it is needed; not only in crises situation, conflicts, wars or political disunity among citizens and their nation; rather YOUPEDA’s firm conviction for peace also extends to creating opportunities for good governance, representative leadership and accountability via free and fair elections, research, advocacy, debates, speeches, declarations, seminars, rally and meetings, etc. YOUPEDA believes that peace is a strong democratic developing instrument to improve the lives of citizens. Peace promotes economic, social, political and international freedom; addresses the internal and external elements associated with tribal, ethnic, racial and religious differences for the development of the people. Since good governance brings peace and development; the youth organization uses all available positive tools to ensure peace in communities, states, families, institutions and nations in Africa.

    YOUPEDA has membership partners across Nigeria; Young people have been the strong pillar upon which YOUPEDA stands; youths are not only seen as agents of change but as pull/push for real change.

    Our Guiding Principles: -

    Our Core Goal and Values: To establish the true culture, attitude of peace for development with high profile of integrity, justice, determination, creativity, handwork and ethics; at the climax of our work is our full commitment to:
    • Value for human life
    • Respect for the dignity of life of individuals
    • Respect for diversity and differences, and promotion of equality
    • Full support for community and family values.
    • Equality for sex, race, colour, age, language, religion, political, birth, physical, mental disability, health status, sexual orientation, civil, political and social status.
    • Addressing social and economic problems and foster social justice.
    • Locally contribute to the United Nations social and economic youth related development strategic goals and objectives.

    Involvement of young people and the Communities:

    Our objectives: YOUPEDA was formed:-

    1. To develop and ensure a peaceful society of youths and children devoid of violence, civil unrest and such negative occurrences
    2. And reduce youthful crime and abuse of amphetamine type stimulate.
    3. To promote youth led programs in communities to bring about peace and reduce violence
    4. Mobilize youths to participate in and lead non-violent activities and build good relationships among youth from different communities, ethnic groups and castes.
    5. Promote participation of youth in community service projects, protect environmental rights and health

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