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    Sustainn is a consultancy firm that promotes the application of Circular Economy concepts to the development of economical, social and environmentally sustainable products and services, oriented to the efficient exploitation and use of resources, as well as to the waste reduction from the early stages of the design.

    We help companies to improve competitiveness and entrepreneurs to develop circular business models. We collaborate with training centres to disseminate and sensibilize, and we also encourage the sustainable development of regions with Public Administrations and business organizations.

    Sustainn aims to be a know-how world reference to develop economical, social and environmentally sustainable business models, products and services, as well as to inspire new generations to build a zero-waste society and a sustainable and perdurable future.

    Our Values
    Sustainn is a socially responsible company committed to the following core values:

    Excellence. We are what we do everyday, in every activity and for everyone. We pursue excellence, not as an activity, but as an habit.
    Passion for Sustainability. We work with all our heart to contribute to a perdurable and sustainable world and a zero-waste society.
    Cooperation and Collaboration. From our cooperation approach and spirit, we share our knowledge, learning and creativity to add value to customers, partners, the society and future generations.
    Diversity and Inclusion. We integrate a diversity of capacities and skills, visions and ideas to enhance the development, autonomy and quality of life of people.
    We are Sustainn!

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