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    Since the founding of our organization in 2011, we have focused on the dissemination and communication of the principles of the circular economy because we believe that "education it is the most powerful weapon to change the world " (N. Mandela)

    Foundation and aims of the organization
    We are a non-profit entity of national scope, among whose purposes are: communication actions aimed at promoting separation and recycling of waste, the circular economy and, various activities aimed at raising awareness among citizenship about the problem of not managing waste, or managing it wrong way.

    Our most active partners and collaborators are qualified professionals, from different fields of the environment (chemists, engineers, biologists, environmentalists ...), environmental educators, trainers, and communication and design specialists.

    Since before January 2015, the year in which the European Commission adopted a package of measures to change the linear production model by a circular model, we have worked on the dissemination of this concept.

    Waste and renewable energies are expanding and provides many critical jobs for overcome the employability crisis that plagues our country. For this reason, we believe that it deserves worth developing projects related to these sectors of activity.
    At present we are more than 300 partners.

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