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    Circular IQ

    Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    Circular IQ helps governments and businesses get a firm grip on their circularity goals with easy-to-use software tools.   We clarify procurement processes to avoid and mitigate waste by exposing where value is being lost, preventing the use of poorly sourced Read more [...]

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    Áurea Lúcia Moda Circular

    Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

    We are a circular fashion socio-environmental business based in Brazil. We tell stories-sustainable-of-dress along with our collaborators 60+, through clothes and accessories. Our DNA is sustainable and circular since the first collection in 2005, where we highlight the use of Read more [...]

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    ISgreen LTD

    Lamezia Terme (Italy)

    ISgreen LTD born as an engineering company dedicated to integrated design services for Engineering and Architecture and to those related to the international environmental energy sustainability certifications LEED / GBC Italia. At the same time, it is also an Innovative Read more [...]

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    London (United Kingdom)

    ALDStone provides multi-award winning unique systems for floor and wall materials, allowing reuse and ease of installation. Services include using thin, light-weight coverings plus a novel leasing model. Our solutions use less material and are reusable, almost indefinitely. We reduce Read more [...]

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    Circular Economy Transition

    Geneva (Switzerland)

    Circular Economy Transition is a pioneer initiative that aims at accelerating the transition of Switzerland to a Circular Economy. It currently takes place in 5 Swiss cities - Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich. In close collaboration with all Impact Hubs throughout Switzerland, sanu durabilitas Read more [...]

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    all (United States)

    SIRQLR, a PSS company, creates significance and purpose for consumers in the fashion and apparel industries.

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    Accra (Ghana)

    CHAiNT Afrique specializes in simplifying environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) for organisations, ensuring that they focus on material issues to innovate and achieve maximum returns from their sustainability investments. We support organisations to simplify complex sustainability challenges by focusing Read more [...]

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    Velorim Ltd

    High Green Court (United Kingdom)

    Cycling is viewed as an ecologically friendly mode of transport, however, there is a black mark that faces the industry every day. The disposal of the bicycle tyres and inner tubes.   Research has shown that there are up to 30,500,000 Read more [...]

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    Madrid (Spain)

    RecicUP is a scalable and innovative integral solution that boosts circular economy through the use of IoT technology, data analysis and mobile applications. It encourages recycling through gamification and collaborative scenarios, promotes environmental awareness and education, benefits the local economy Read more [...]

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    Globechain reuse marketplace

    London (United Kingdom) is an online reuse marketplace that connects people, charities and businesses to enable them to reuse unwanted items within a global supply chain network creating social impact data for members. We focus in retail (fixtures & fittings, obsolete stock), Read more [...]

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    Seattle (United States)

    Stuffstr makes recommerce a part of every retail transaction by empowering consumers to capture the residual value of everything they buy. Stuffstr captures detailed purchase and product information directly from retailers, keeps consumers continually aware of the current resale value Read more [...]

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    LeafBox Concepts Inc.

    Hamilton (Canada)

    At LeafBox Concepts Inc. (LFBX) we up-cycle used and surplus cargo containers into fully customizable retail & event spaces. Our Concepts are 100% solar powered, portable and experiential. We are on a mission to deploy and activate our concepts across Read more [...]

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    Nova Extraction

    Nottingham (United Kingdom)

    Nova Extraction is a UK engineering startup with the focus on decentralising clean-tech way to extract ingredients from plants. Their technology is very versatile and can for instance process food processing waste into high value ingredients.

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    Madrid (Spain)

    SOUJI is a revolutionary formula that transforms your used vegetable oil into a liquid soap/detergent with a pleasant and lasting scent, in just one minute.

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    Boadilla del Monte (Spain)

    GreenYng offers an innovative approach of everyday recycling using connected bins and a funny app to involve consumers, collectors, industries, etc. They are focusing on recycling and are developing an innovative technology based on connected containers and cloud data storage Read more [...]

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    Los Angeles (United States)

    8Hz mission is to make beautiful products from recycled materials and work with organizations to help prevent plastics from getting into the oceans. They have created a backpack line made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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    Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

    Cirkel produces fitted sheets made out of organic cotton from non genetically modified plants and grown without the use of any synthetic fertilisers or pesticides, reusing 95% water & rainwater harvesting and using 100% renewable wind energy. Old sheets can Read more [...]

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    London (United Kingdom)

    WASE develops decentralised wastewater treatment systems that embrace the circular economy to recover energy, nutrients and water that is in the wastewater. Their mission: eradicate poor living conditions by providing sustainable solutions to provide sanitation and clean water to everyone who Read more [...]

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    MIWA (Minimum Waste)

    Golčův Jeníkov (Czechia)

    We develop and operate a system that simplifies and improves the distribution and sales of packaging-free goods. The system is based on reusable capsules and in-store modular units that provide an effective supply chain and store management. For shopper and Read more [...]