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    Circular Wear

    Lisbon (Portugal)

    MISSION: reduce waste and pollution in fashion. A community of individuals who get together to spread the word and to promote a new life style. One where we all contribute for a healthier planet. CW belongs to all of us, Read more [...]

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    Social Innovation Japan

    Shibuya City (Japan)

    At Social Innovation Japan we are building Japan's largest and most diverse platform of change-makers. We work with entrepreneurs, nonprofits, governments, big business and academia, breaking down silos and mobilising people - providing them with the tools, information, and network they Read more [...]

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    Greeneration Foundation

    Bandung (Indonesia)

    Greeneration Foundation (GF) is an NGO that focuses on utilizing adaptive creative media in changing human behavior to actualize Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP) in Indonesia. GF activities involve engaging the government, organizations, and communities, while also connecting to the Read more [...]

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    Samita Social Ventures

    Mumbai (India)

    Samhita is a leading CSR consulting firm with nine years of experience in the social development space in India, has provided a wide variety of capacity building and implementation services to companies to support their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Read more [...]

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    AgroFOOD Regional Cluster

    Sfântu Gheorghe (Romania)

    AIM: The Regional Cluster of Food Industry and Products – AGROFOOD was created to support the members in developping their management strategies, their brands, the professional training of their personel, harmanisation and representation of their interest.   LOCATION: The Region of The Read more [...]

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    Fundación Paisajes Sostenibles.

    Quito (Ecuador)

    The Sustainable Landscapes Foundation (, PASOS in Spanish, is created by the initiative of five professionals with a long history of work in the sustainable management of native forests and biodiversity, from disciplines such as: the economy, finances, laws, geography, Read more [...]

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    Kora Paraguay

    Asuncion (Paraguay)

    Kora Paraguay, es una asociación de útilidad pública que trabaja para dar a conocer los principios de la Economía Circular y Sustentabilidad en Paraguay, conformada por profesionales de distintas ramas académicas. Trabajamos en impulsar la Economía Circular y Sustentabilidad como Read more [...]

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    NISP® Canada

    Vancouver (Canada)

    NISP® Canada, a program run by Vancouver’s Light House Sustainable Building Centre, is implementing a National Industrial Symbiosis Program, with activities focused on the geographic regions of Metro Vancouver and Greater Edmonton. This initiative is creating business-to-business networks that identify Read more [...]

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    Ibadan (Nigeria)

    African Circular Economy Forum was set up to deliver on the attainment of a circular Africa through creating awareness, working with stakeholders and policy-makers and training some members of the public.

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    The Rediscovery Centre

    Dublin (Ireland)

    The Rediscovery Centre is a creative space connecting people, ideas and resources for greener living in Ireland. As the National Centre for the Circular Economy, we bring together the skills and expertise of artists, scientists, designers and craftspeople united in Read more [...]

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    Ecovillage Boekel

    Boekel (Netherlands)

    A unique, inspiring example for sustainable living in connection with the world. In Ecovillage Boekel we will cater our needs in a very sustainable way. By doing so we will contribute solutions for climate change, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity Read more [...]

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    Sorel (Canada)

    The CTTEI seeks to improve the material performance of businesses and territories by the research and development of innovative technologies and business practices. Its research focusses on clean technologies, waste recycling and industrial symbiosis.  

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    Sustainable Hamilton Burlington

    Hamilton (Canada)

    Sustainable Hamilton Burlington is a social enterprise founded in 2011. Our mission is to inspire and empower sustainability leadership within local businesses to create measurable, community-wide progress to greater sustainability.   The Sustainable Business Initiative, SHB’s membership program, provides local area Read more [...]

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    Globechain reuse marketplace

    London (United Kingdom) is an online reuse marketplace that connects people, charities and businesses to enable them to reuse unwanted items within a global supply chain network creating social impact data for members. We focus in retail (fixtures & fittings, obsolete stock), Read more [...]

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    Arjasari (Indonesia)

    Waste4Change is a social enterprise founded in 2014 which gives services in waste management in environmental friendly and responsible approach toward zero-waste Indonesia.

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    Zero Waste Scotland

    Stirling (United Kingdom)

    Zero Waste Scotland mission is to influence and enable change – from gathering evidence and informing policy, to motivating practical behaviour change in individuals and organisations through their programmes and brands. They also make direct interventions to affect change, commonly Read more [...]

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    Circular Valley

    Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    Valley is an initiative by Delta Development Group, Volker Wessels and the Reggeborgh Groep. This partnership also successfully initiated Park 20|20, the world’s first full service office park that is based on the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. Examples to show Read more [...]

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    The Circulars

    London (United Kingdom)

    The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, run in collaboration with Accenture Strategy, is the world’s premier circular economy award program. The award offers recognition to individuals and organizations across the Read more [...]

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    Launch Nordic

    Helsinki (Finland)

    LAUNCH is a global initiative to identify and support the innovative work poised to contribute to a sustainable future and accelerate solutions to meet urgent challenges facing our society. NASA, USAID, Department of State, and NIKE joined together to form Read more [...]

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    Hong Kong (Hong Kong (SAR))

    Redress is a pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. We achieve this through a variety of dynamic programmes which work to minimise the negative impacts of fashion, whilst promoting innovative new models Read more [...]